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Energy bills can often take a big chunk out of your income, especially when gas and electric prices continue to rise. However, with advances in technology, there’s alternative solutions available to your traditional gas boiler systems and source of electricity – solutions that can reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Air source heat pumps are the much-talked about replacement for gas boilers and it’s not hard to see why. Coupled with a solar panel installation, you could soon be waving goodbye to eye-watering energy bills.

Thanks to the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan scheme, funding is available for air source heat pump and solar panel installation in Falkirk.

If you fancy saving money on the energy you use by adopting eco-friendly heat and electricity solutions, contact our specialist team at ElectroPoint today.

Scroll on to find out how we can help you to transform your property’s energy efficiency using the power of solar and air source heat pumps.

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Solar Panel Installation Falkirk

Our expert technicians at ElectroPoint can install solar panels in Falkirk at homes and businesses who want to benefit from the many advantages this renewable energy source has to offer.

If you have a large family or workforce, and use a lot of electricity throughout the daytime, switching to solar panels can be extremely beneficial. If you don’t use all the electricity your solar panels generate, the excess can be ‘exported’ to the energy suppliers who’ll actually pay you for the excess energy you’ve not used. The price you’ll receive depends on which energy company you choose to ‘export’ to. However, the cost to use electricity from the grid costs more than the price they’ll pay you for exporting your solar-produced energy, so if you truly want to take advantage of a solar panel installation in Falkirk at your property, then it’s advisable to have a solar battery storage unit installed as well which will store the excess electricity the panels generate, ready for you to use when you need it, rather than selling the excess to a supplier.

Saving money is a huge reason why so many people have adopted solar power rather than relying solely on the National Grid. With energy prices continuing to soar, solar PV installations can offer the independence desired and drive down the cost of electricity bills. As soon as the panels are installed, they begin to work straight away, generating electricity for your home or property, to be used on anything from watching TV, operating the cooker or even charging your electric car.

If you’re interested in having photovoltaic solar panels installed in Falkirk, contact us today for a free consultation. We will visit your property for a site survey to ascertain the quantity of solar panels required and the type of battery system you’ll need if you require one. We will also discuss your average energy usage to understand the energy consumption required from the solar installation so we can recommend the best solution for your property.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

We offer a free, no-obligation quote for solar panel installation in Falkirk. 

With the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme, you can receive up to £1,250 funding and an optional loan of £4,750 to help with the cost of solar photovoltaic panels and battery storage, if you decide to also have an air source heat pump installed at your property. If you have already got an air source heat pump fitted, then you may still be eligible for the funding and loan.

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air source heat pump Installation Falkirk

A broken boiler is the last thing anybody needs, especially during the Winter months, but if you’re in the market for a replacement, then you may wish to consider having a heat pump installed instead.

At ElectroPoint, we can install air source heat pumps in Falkirk for domestic and commercial properties.

Quickly becoming a prime replacement for gas boilers, these energy-efficient heat pumps utilise heat from the air outside which is transferred into a refrigerant liquid and circulated around the system through a heat exchanger where it’s then compressed. The heat generated warms the water which can be used to power the central heating or underfloor heating or can be stored in the cylinder to be used as hot water.

Air source heat pumps can work in temperatures as low as -15°c so even in the coldest winters in Scotland, you can still generate heat and hot water via the pump.

There are two types of air source heat pump available – monobloc and split system. Monobloc systems are an all-in-one unit that is fixed outside of the property, whereas the split system has a unit both inside and outside the property with parts split between the two. Whilst the split system is more energy efficient, which type is suitable depends on the space available at your property. A hot water cylinder will also be required to store the hot water generated.

An eco-friendly alternative to gas boiler systems, air source heat pumps have a low carbon footprint, thereby kinder on the environment. Compatible with solar panel installations, using an air source heat pump instead of a gas boiler could also save you money on your energy bills.

If you’re interested in making the switch to an air source heat pump in Falkirk and want to find out more, contact ElectroPoint today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

How Much Do Air Source Heat Pumps Cost?

Although the price depends on the type and size of system required, air source heat pump installation in Falkirk typically cost around £14,000.

Scottish residents can apply for a grant between £7,500 and £9000 for an air source heat pump system whilst an additional £7,500 can be obtained via an interest-free loan offered by Home Energy Scotland. This is only available for those homeowners who have never had a heat pump installed at their property before.

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