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Why Choose Ohme Home Pro Charger?

The compact Ohme Home Pro charger is perfect for any homeowner who desires a small and discreet charger for their electric car. Measuring just 17cm x 20cm x 10cm, it’s one of the smaller charging devices that we supply and install at Electropoint.

Unlike many of the other EV chargers we supply, the Ohme Home Pro comes with its own integrated LED screen, allowing you to control the charger via the device directly or by using the smart app.

As the EV charger has a constant online presence, it is able to stay updated with the latest firmware and software updates so you can be confident you’re benefiting from the Ohme charger’s latest features.

The smart technology of the Ohme Home Pro allows you to monitor and control a variety of features. Monitor your CO2 consumption. Schedule your charger to run at a certain time (such as off-peak hours) or to a target battery percentage. Control your costs by setting a max price cap in the settings. This smart charger can help to get the best out of your electric vehicle charging experience. By connecting to your energy tariff, the Ohme Home Pro can charge at the cheapest rates and when carbon intensity on the grid is at its lowest, ultimately saving you money!

As a tethered EV charger, the Ohme Home Pro offers the convenience of having a lead already connected to charge your vehicle straight away, without the need to find your own. The cable is available in 5 metre or 8 metre lengths to suit your requirements.

Whether you decide to charge your vehicle straight away or take advantage of lower cost energy tariffs by charging through the night, the Ohme Home Pro can deliver. As a type 2 charger, you can expect a power output of up to 7.4kW.

In-built PEN fault detection means that the Ohme Home Pro does not require an earth rod, reducing the time and cost of installation. Dynamic load balancing also prevents overloading your electricity supply within the home when other appliances are being used.

Built using the very best materials, the durable Ohme charger can operate in temperatures as low as -25 degrees and as high as 45 degrees.

Each Ohme Home Pro smart charger comes with a 3 years warranty.

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