EV and PHEV Charger

Why Choose EVEC EV Charger?

The EVEC charger is a universal, single-phase 7.4kW EV charger that’s perfect for charging your electric car at home.

Available tethered or untethered, the sleek and compact EVEC features a type 2 inlet port, with type 2 socket to type 1. With power settings that can be adjusted between 3.7kW and 7.4kW, the EVEC charger is suitable for charging both electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars

With built-in LED lights to alert you of the charging status of your vehicle and of any errors with the charger, you can easily stay informed at a glance. By downloading the EVEC app for your mobile device, you can take advantage of Smart Charging capabilities, such as scheduling your vehicle to charge overnight to benefit from off-peak tariffs.

Boasting a three year warranty, the EVEC charger features built-in PEN protection thereby there’s no requirement for an earth rod to be fitted, cutting down the installation time and labour cost. The EVEC charger’s load balancing also prevents overloading the supply in your home.

Made to be corrosion resistant and fire retardant, this IP55 rated dust and weatherproof EV and PHEV charger is suited to being wall mounted to the exterior of your property or on the garage wall.

The tethered version of the EVEC charger can be integrated with solar power systems to power your charger using energy converted from the sun instead of electricity from the grid.

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