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Wallbox Pulsar Max

Wallbox Pulsar Max

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is a small but mighty EV charger suitable for homes. This incredibly powerful electric vehicle charger is perfect for daily use to keep your electric car’s battery powered when you need it most, and is available in six different colours to choose from.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max charger is tougher than ever, and can be fitted in your garage or on an outside wall. This tethered charger is always ready to be used and is equipped with a 5 metre long charging cable. If you need more length to reach your car, then we can also supply the charger with an optional 7 metre long cable instead.

This 1.3kg compact smart charger also features wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity so you can manage your EV charger on the go using the my myWallbox app. This allows you to control your Wallbox charger wherever you are, such as power sharing or scheduling your charger to take advantage of cheaper charging during off-peak times. The device can also be voice-controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you’re concerned about unauthorised use of your charger when you’re not at home, you can use the myWallbox app to secure and prevent your charger from unwanted use.

Compliant with the new smart charge point regulations, the Wallbox Pulsar Max features integrated PEN fault protection, and doesn’t require an earthing rod. The charger can be powered by electric but can also be powered by sustainable solar energy by installing solar panels.

Electro Point UK are professional installers of Wallbox Pulsar Max chargers in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Central Scotland. Contact us today for a free site survey and quote for your EV charger. We also install solar panels should you desire to power your Wallbox EV charger using solar energy.

Wallbox Pulsar Max Charging Power

When it comes to charging up your car’s battery, the Wallbox Pulsar Max certainly displays its power.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max can charge an electric car faster than the standard 120v charging cables, with the ability to fast charge up to 7.4kW.

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