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Why Choose EO Mini Pro 3 Charger?

The EO Mini Pro 3 is one of the smallest and most discreet EV chargers on the market, no bigger than the size of an A5 notepad! Designed and manufactured in the UK, this electric car charger builds upon its predecessor to provide better connectivity than ever before.

This smart EV charger comes with Wi-Fi, Cat 5 ethernet, and bluetooth connectivity so that the device itself can stay updated, as well as be controlled via the app. 4G connectivity can be added as an optional extra if required. The smartphone app allows you to take full control of your EO Mini Pro 3, from scheduling your charger to operate during chosen times to monitoring its past usage. You can even restrict usage of the charger using the app to ensure no-one uses it without your consent.

This OCPP 1.6J compliant, type 2 car charger comes tethered with a 5 metre long cable for convenience. Simply plug the charger into your vehicle and it’s ready to be charged, with speeds up to 7.2kW. With its three-colour LED indicator, you can quickly check the status of your charger.

As the EO Mini Pro 3 doesn’t require an earthing rod, this cuts down the installation time and work, which means a cheaper installation cost compared to those that do require an earth rod. The EO Mini Pro 3 comes with built-in PEN conductor protection. Its built-in power balancing also prevents any energy blackouts at home by auto-adjusting the output where necessary.

This EO Mini Pro 3 charger is IP54 certified, meaning it’s durable and robust enough to operate even in -25 degree temperatures. You can choose whether to have your charger installed inside, such as a garage, or to have it affixed outside on an exterior wall or post.

To give you peace of mind, every EO Mini Pro 3 charger comes with a three years warranty. The charger is also solar power compatible, which means the charger can be powered by the grid or by electricity generated by solar panels.

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