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Electropoint are approved installers of Andersen EV chargers in Scotland

Why Choose Andersen A2 Charger?

Made in the UK, the Andersen A2 charger is a premium EV charger for your home. Available in 8 different base colours (Nearly Black, Steel, Malmo Blue, Ruby, Southbank Grey, Stanton Green Laurac Sand, and Putty Stone), you can choose the shade that best matches your home. You can also select a metal fascia, which is available in the same colours as the body, or Accoya Wood fascia, available in Cotswold Oak, Sorong Teak, French Walnut or Charcoal.

The elegant and sophisticated Andersen A2 EV charger is precision engineered for quality, and is crafted from solid aluminium and stainless steel. Underneath the exquisite exterior lies the latest in technology, with in-built WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth, and solar compatibility. Compliant with all Smart Charging Regulations, the Andersen A2 charger can be used with its smart app Konnect+ to monitor the device and gain valuable insight into its usage and the cost of each charge. The smart app also allows you to remotely lock the charger to prevent unauthorised use, and schedule the charger to start charging during off-peak hours when energy tariffs are at their cheapest.

Under the ‘hood’ of the Andersen A2 charger lies the tethered charging cable, available in 5.5m or 8.5m lengths. Hidden from view, the lightweight, flexible charging cable fits neatly into the charging compartment, providing a discreet aesthetic which also keeps your charging lead clean when not in use. The magnetic lid of the compartment means it’s easy to access your charging cable, and eradicates the need to supply your own.

With no requirement for an earth rod, the Andersen A2 EV charger is quicker and cheaper to install than those that do require one.

With fast charging at 7kW for a single phase charger or 22kW for 3-phrase, this type 2 EV charger is CE certified and comes with a three year warranty for your peace of mind.

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