Air Source Heat Pump Installers Scotland

Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Glasgow & Scotland

Gas powered boilers are becoming a thing of the past with the advent of eco-friendly, low carbon heating systems, such as air source heat pumps.

Based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, family firm Electropoint specialise in eco-efficient energy installations in Glasgow and throughout Scotland, from EV chargers to Solar PV. We’re also pleased to offer installation of air source heat pumps in Scotland for residents who want to make the switch to a greener way of heating their home.

Air Source Heat Pump Installers Scotland

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps capture heat from the air outside your property and convert it into a fluid called a refrigerant. The fluid then circulates inside the heat pump, passing through the heat exchanger, where it’s compressed which raises the temperature. The heat generated is used to heat the water, which is then used to provide hot water and heat your home, via radiators in your rooms or through underfloor heating.

Air source heat pumps can extract heat from air temperatures as low as -15°c, so even during the winter months in Scotland it can still generate the heat required to warm a home.

How much do heat pump systems cost?

The price of air source heat pumps can differ depending on the type of system and size required, but typically costs around £14,000.

As professional air source heat pump installers in Scotland, contact us today for a free quote.

Take Advantage of Air Source Heat Pump Grants in Scotland

Residents of Scotland can apply for a grant between £7,500 and £9000 for an air source heat pump system whilst an additional £7,500 can be obtained via an interest-free loan offered by Home Energy Scotland. This is only available for those homeowners who have never had a heat pump installed at their property before.

In addition to this, you can opt to also have solar PV with an energy storage system installed at your property by Electropoint. If a heat pump is bought as a package with a solar PV installation, you can apply for additional funding of £1,250 grant and £4,750 optional loan. If you already have a heat pump or solar PV installed, you may be able to apply for funding for the remaining improvements.

At Electropoint, we can install air source heat pumps in Scotland, including areas such as Falkirk and Stirling, in addition to fitting solar PV and energy storage systems. If you’d like to reap the benefits of these renewable energy sources at your property, contact our team today for a free quote, advice and free site survey.

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What is required for a heat pump installation in Scotland?

Air source heat pumps are available in two types: monobloc and split systems.

Both systems require a unit to be fitted outside the property, either to a wall or on the ground. The monobloc heat pump system contains all the components in a single unit that is installed outside the property. A split system, on the other hand, has a unit on the outside of the property and an additional unit inside the property, with the various components split between the two. With the split system, space is required inside the property to accommodate the interior unit but it is more efficient than the monobloc system as part of the heat transfer process of the heat pump can take place inside the home where it is warmer, reducing heat loss.

No matter if you decide on a monobloc or split system, both exterior units contain large fans that move air across the heat exchanger. The sound generated outside by the fans is usually no more than that of a fridge, but during colder months, when the heat pump system needs to work harder, the volume can increase. If you opt for a split system, the unit that is situated inside your home makes very little noise as it only contains valves and pumps.

In order to use hot water at your property using a heat pump, you’ll need to have a hot water cylinder fitted to store the hot water until it is ready to be used. Unlike combi boilers, hot water cannot be generated on demand with a heat pump, thus requires a hot water cylinder that is big enough to store the amount of hot water your household typically uses.

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What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

As the UK looks to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we have to look at alternative methods to heat our homes. Air source heat pumps drastically lower carbon emissions, which ultimately benefits the world for the future.

Having an air source heat pump installed in Scotland at your property could also lower your energy bills, saving you money to spend on life’s other essentials.

How much electricity does an air source heat pump use?

The heat pump only requires enough electricity to power the compressor and circulating pump. More heat is transferred to the pump than it takes to run. As a result, it’s a more efficient heating system than a gas boiler. It’s important to have a heat pump unit fitted that is suitable for the size of your property. Five bedroomed detached houses will require a larger unit than a two bed terraced house, for instance.

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