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Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger
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Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger

Electropoint are approved installers of Tesla chargers in Scotland

Why Choose Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger?

With the Tesla Wall Connector, you can charge your Tesla car at home whenever you like, ready for the journey ahead.

Equipped with a 24 foot (7.3 metre) long cable, the Tesla home charger allows you to easily connect to your vehicle without the need for your mobile connector. The cable is lightweight, making it simple to carry and attach to your Tesla to charge it up.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting, you can choose to have your Tesla charging point affixed to a wall in your garage or positioned on an exterior wall outside your property. This makes it suitable for a variety or properties, from households and apartment buildings, to commercial properties.

Connecting to the Tesla app for mobile, the Tesla Wall Connector can be set up and managed on the go. All you need to do is to connect the Wall Connector to a nearby wi-fi network, and you’ll be able to monitor and manage the settings of the charger in real-time.

When it comes to updating your Tesla Wall Connector, firmware updates will automatically be sent to the device via wi-fi so you can be assured that your charger is providing the latest features and user experience.

The Tesla Wall Connector provides the fastest charging speeds for Tesla vehicles. Fitting one at your home ensures your Tesla can be charged anytime, day or night. As Tesla use lithium ion batteries for their cars, there’s no need to wait for the battery to be depleted before charging.

Tesla recommends car drivers charge their car battery within the daily range bracket, up to around 90%. If you’re intending on going on a long journey, then you will want to charge up to 100%.

The Tesla Wall Connector provides the convenience of car charging at home without the need to travel to a public charging point.

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Charging Speed of Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector home EV charger is compatible with Tesla models S, 3, X, and Y. It is also compatible with all electric vehicles with a Type 2 charging port.

For each hour of charge, the Tesla Wall Connector can provide up to 44 miles of range.

For those with Tesla Model X or Model S, the Wall Connector can charge up to a maximum of 16.6kW on a 400 V Three-phase wye connection.

Approximate miles of range recovered per hour of charge:

  • Model 3 and Model Y: 4 miles per kW
  • Model S and Model X: 3 miles per kW
Vehicle Max charge power based on vehicle capabilities and Wall Connector current settings
230 V Single-phase 230 V Three-phase delta 400 V Three-phase wye
Model 3 and Model Y 7.4 kW (32 A) 11 kW (28 A) 11 kW (16 A)
Model S and Model X 7.4 kW (32 A) 8.5 kW (32 A) 16.6 kW (24 A)
Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector Charger Installation in Central Scotland

If you’re looking to have a Tesla charger installed in Central Scotland at your home or commercial premises, contact Electropoint UK today.

Our prices are extremely competitive and all individually priced for each customer depending on your requirements.

Fill in our enquiry form to arrange your free quote and expert advice on a Tesla home charger installed at your property, or give us a call. We’re always happy to chat through any queries you may have.

As approved installers, we can fit Tesla chargers at properties in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas throughout Central Scotland.

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