Electric Car Charge Time Calculator

How Long Will It Take To Charge My Electric Car?

Use our calculator to get a rough idea on how long it would take to charge your electric car.

The calculator requires the follow details:

  • Your vehicle’s battery capacity, e.g. a Nissan Leaf has a 40kWh lithium-ion battery
  • The vehicle’s current state of charge, e.g. 20%
  • The charging power of your EV charger. Most home car chargers in the UK have the charging power output of up to 7.4kW whereas a three-phrase commercial charger can charge up to 22kW.


A Nissan Leaf, fitted with a 40kWh battery, that currently has 20% battery charge remaining and is being tethered to a domestic 7.4kW home charger, would take approximately 4 hours and 19 minutes to fully charge to 100%.

EV Charging Time Calculator

Approx. Charging Time:

What Can Affect Battery Charging Time?

There are many various aspects to consider when charging an electric car which is why no method can be truly accurate when calculating the charging time.

The Temperature

If you charge your vehicle when it's cold, especially during the Winter months, it can take longer for your car to charge up compared to charging the car in warmer weather.

Charging Rate

Your vehicle may have a limited charging rate that is less than the power output of the EV charger you're using. Whichever is the lower rate will dictate the charging rate of your motor and influence the time it takes to charge.

Battery Size

The larger the car's battery capacity, the longer it'll take to charge up to 100% which is why it's important to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to charge your electric car to ensure you can make your next journey.

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