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Electro Point install battery storage solutions and solar panels throughout Scotland. With teams situated around the country, we are never too far away and always offer a local, personal service.

As fully accredited solar panel installers in Glasgow, Lanarkshire you can trust in our team to deliver a stellar service when switching to solar power.

With gas and electric bills increasing now is the time to install solar panels at your property. Investing in solar panels has many benefits including reduced energy bills, better tariffs with energy providers, and contributing to a more economical and environmentally-friendly nation.

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Pros & Cons of Installing Solar Panels



Grants & Loans Available

If you’re a homeowner in Scotland, you could qualify and benefit from a grant or loan if you’re deciding to switch to solar power as a renewable energy source.

Home Energy Scotland, Energy Saving Trust and the Scottish Government are providing up to £1,250 funding and an optional loan of £4,750 to help with the cost of solar photovoltaic panels and battery storage, if you decide to also have an air source heat pump installed at your property.

If you already have a heat pump installed, you may still be able receive funding for the solar panels.

Find out if you’re eligible for funding by visiting Home Energy Scotland.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar electricity panels, also known as photovoltaics, capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home. Solar energy is generally seen as the primary answer to generating renewable power for homes and businesses. It is simple to install and requires almost zero maintenance.

The beauty of solar panels is that they are quick to install and start generating energy straight away. We offer a free no-obligation home consultation where we guide you through your options and explain the process to you, including the science behind solar power generation. We advise domestic and commercial customers on the best locations for their solar panels, as well as the likely return on investment in terms of utility bill savings and amount of energy generated for use and future storage.

What Is The Cost Of Solar Panels in Scotland?

The cost of solar panel installation in Scotland depends on factors like size and type of the system you choose as well as the material of the panels. During our free consultation we will advise you on the number of solar panels you will need, which depends on your average energy consumption, type and size of your roof and your budget. We can discuss your needs and provide a quotation without any obligation on your part.

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Solar PV Systems With Or Without A Battery

Electro Point can install a wide range of PV solar panels in Glasgow and throughout Scotland, including a 5kW solar PV system with battery package that combines solar power conversion with top quality battery power for effective long-term energy storage. Alternatively, there is the option to purchase the 5kW solar PV system without battery for households or businesses that do not require such a powerful energy storage solution.

A Continued Power Supply, Even During Electricity Blackouts

With the new Hybrid Inverter’s technology, you can enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply when there’s a National Grid power outage in your neighbourhood. We can arrange for your property’s critical circuits to operate through your solar and battery storage so your heating, lighting, TV and broadband works immediately and continuously throughout the power cut.

16x410 panels, 6kw inverter, 10kw battery storage, output 6.5kw - Fully Installed System

12x410 panels 5kw inverter & 5kw battery storage, output 4.9kw

Why Choose Electro Point As Your Solar Panel Installers In Scotland?

Electro Point is committed to promoting and enabling the transition to a low or even zero-carbon lifestyle through the installation of solar panels and the generation of greener electricity. Homes and commercial premises across the UK that use solar power can enjoy many benefits, including cheaper energy bills, reduced reliance on the National Grid, easy maintenance and the storage of any excess electricity that is produced but not used immediately.

We will fit, maintain and advise on your choice of solar panels, as well as keep you up to date about advances in environmentally friendly energy storage systems and off-grid systems.

Our professional solar panel installers use the most up-to-date equipment and tools to ensure you receive fantastic service. We design solar energy solutions that will last for decades, representing significant long-term savings on electricity costs, both at home and at work.

If you’re interested in having solar panel installation in Lanarkshire, West Lothian or other parts of Scotland, including Stirling and Falkirk, contact our team at ElectroPoint today for a free quote.

"ElectroPoint fitted a My Energy Zappi 2 (wifi) for me 2 weeks ago along with solar and storage! First 800 miles in my EV has cost £0.00 as the Zappi in Eco + mode just fills the car with excess generated power! Great team, great job and very friendly! Thanks Guys!"
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Use Solar Power To Charge Your Electric Car

Not only is solar power useful for saving on your electricity bills for the home, but it can also be used for powering an electric vehicle charger!

With the introduction of clean air zones and the Government’s pledge to meet net zero by 2050, with the acceleration of transitioning to zero emission vehicles,  more and more people are switching their petrol and diesel cars to electric motors.

The problem is that the current infrastructure cannot handle the increasing number of electric vehicles that require to be charged, so rather than relying on public charging points, many homeowners are having their own EV charging point installed at their property. Some property developers are also factoring this into their new builds.

Electric car chargers can be powered by the grid, but some can also be powered by solar power if you have photovoltaic panels installed. Our solar systems can be wired using additional technology to send solar generated power to your solar compatible EV car charger so there’s no need to use your existing electric supply.

If your solar panels are generating enough energy to cover the amount required to power your EV charger, then you can be effectively charging your car for free!

ElectroPoint supply and install EV chargers in Glasgow and surrounding areas in Central Scotland. If you currently drive an EV or you’re looking to buy an electric car and would like to benefit from lower cost or free charging of your vehicle via solar power, get in touch with our team today.

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Post-Installation Services

We offer a range of extra services to help keep your solar panels working at peak performance.


Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels

Keeping your solar panels in top condition is vital in order for them to continue working effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, the panels can become the perfect roosting location for birds, such as pigeons and doves, which can cause problems for your property.

At ElectroPoint, we can provide solar panel bird proofing in Glasgow and surrounding areas to stop any birds and rodents, like squirrels, from nesting under the cover of your solar panels.

Utilising mesh, which we attach to the trim of your solar setup on the roof, we can prevent pigeons, birds and squirrels from gaining access to the underneath of your installation. This preventative measure is an effective way of keeping pigeons at bay.

For more information on our bird proofing service, contact our team at ElectroPoint today.

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Solar Panel Maintenance Service

Throughout the year, solar panels can become dirty which limits their performance. If unchecked, this problem can worsen. There may also be times when faults occur with the panels, but being situated on the roof, it’s a hassle and a danger to check them yourself, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Our experienced team at ElectroPoint offer a maintenance programme service to ensure your panels are working to their optimal potential.

As part of our maintenance service, we can perform an annual check-up to clean and wash your solar panels so the freshly unobstructed surface is able to absorb as much sunlight as possible. We will also maintain your solar panels and provide a system check to ensure they’re working as expected.

Our maintenance service can be purchased as an annual payment or paid via a monthly direct debit – whichever suits you.

Take the worry out of solar panel maintenance by booking your check-up today!