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Why Choose myenergi Zappi EV Charger?

Made in Britain, the fast-charging myenergi Zappi V2 EV charger is one of the most popular EV chargers on the market and for good reason.

Available in black or white, the Zappi electric car charger can be purchased as a single-phase 7.4kW charger, suitable for home and domestic use, or a three-phase 22kW charger which is often found installed at commercial premises.

Zappi EV chargers can be installed directly onto a wall or fixed to a pedestal. With a pedestal, two chargers can be mounted back-to-back, which is ideal for commercial charging points.

With myenergi Zappi, you have the choice of purchasing a tethered version, which comes equipped with a 6.5 metre cable suited to Type 2 sockets, or an untethered edition. If choosing untethered, you will need to have your vehicle’s own cable at hand whenever you need to charge your car.

Whilst Zappi chargers integrate wonderfully with solar power installations, you do not need solar energy to use these chargers. They can work entirely off energy provided by the grid.

Zappi V2 comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind.

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Zappi EV Charging Modes

Powered by electricity from the grid or by solar power (or both!), the intelligent Zappi charger features three modes to charge your EV’s battery. 
These include:

Enables power from the grid to assist charging.

Eco Charging

This mode prioritises energy generated by solar power to keep your bills as low as possible. When using electricity from the grid, it will try to take advantage of overnight lower tariffs, but generally it will try to draw power completely from your renewable energy source.

Allows only surplus power from the grid, allowing huge savings.

Eco+ Charging

Eco+ charging is similar to Eco mode in that it can draw from both the grid and solar, but continually adjusts depending on how much electricity is currently being used in the home. If too much power is being drawn from the grid, the charger will pause until more ‘free’ solar power is available to continue charging.

Fast Mode - Enable the full charger capacity to be used.

Fast Charging

Irrespective of whether you have solar energy available, Fast Charging mode will aim to charge your vehicle at full power. It will draw electricity from either your solar PV installation or from the grid, depending on what’s available. This mode is for when you need to charge your vehicle in a hurry.

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