EV Chargers in Dunfermline

EV Charger Installation Dunfermline

If you’re planning on making the switch to an electric or hybrid car, then you’ll want to make sure you have the capabilities to charge it from your own doorstep to avoid queuing at public charging points.

Electropoint are specialist EV charger installers in Dunfermline, offering a variety of commercial and home electric car chargers to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact, untethered charger due to limited space, or desire something sleek and modern that fits in with your property’s aesthetic, we have a charger that’s right for you.

Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation quote and to arrange for one of our experienced technicians to attend your property for a site survey. This will allow us to assess the best possible places to fit your EV charger and to discuss the options available.

EV Chargers For Every Motor Make and Model

BMW, Audi, Tesla, Ford, Honda, Jaguar or Land Rover… No matter what manufacturer or model plug-in hybrid or electric car you drive, we have an EV charger that will be compatible with your vehicle.

With the option of untethered EV chargers, you can use your own charging cable to connect between your car and the charging unit. This is ideal if you need to charge both type 1 and type 2 vehicles. If you’re only charging type 2 electric cars, then you may decide to opt for a tethered charger which has the charging cable already attached to the device for easy usage – just plug into your car and charge away!

With the advent of smart EV chargers, always-online technology means that your electric car charger can stay updated with the latest firmware releases. You can also connect to the charger via a mobile app, wherever you may be located, as long as you and the charger have an internet connection. Take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs by scheduling your vehicle to charge during off-peak times. Monitor the usage of the charger so you know exactly how much and how often you’ve been charging your vehicle. Some of the chargers even allow you to secure the device from being used by others, simply by altering the settings in the mobile app. The power is truly at your fingertips.

With so many different chargers available, from smaller, compact units to larger devices, it can sometimes be hard to decide which one is right for your needs. Contact Electropoint today – we’d be happy to discuss the EV chargers we can install in Dunfermline and advise which ones may be right for your car, that meet your requirements and your budget.

A range of the home EV chargers we supply and install in Dunfermline


Charge Your Vehicle Using Solar Panels

Whilst EV car chargers can be operated from electricity from the grid, some of the EV chargers we offer can also be powered by electricity generated by solar panels!

Solar power is a renewable energy source that is not only kinder on the environment but can also lower your energy bills, saving you money.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of solar energy for your home or business, and potentially charging your car for free, speak to our team at Electropoint today. Not only can we install EV chargers, but we also offer solar panel installation in Dunfermline.

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Commercial EV Charger Installation in Dunfermline

Take advantage of the electric revolution and be one step ahead of the game by having a commercial EV charger installed in Dunfermline at your business.

As more people switch to electric or plug-in hybrid motors, it’s important to have easy access to charging stations so that drivers can power up their car battery for the journey ahead. Whether you drive an electric company car that you wish to keep charged at the commercial premises or have employees who have recently invested in an electric vehicle, having a car charging station situated on-site at your workplace eliminates the need to drive around looking for a public charger – saving both time and money.

If you operate a car park, then having commercial EV chargers installed can improve usage as demand for available charging solutions increases. By parking and plugging into the EV charger, drivers can go about their daily tasks, whether that’s going to work or indulging in a bit of retail therapy, knowing that their car will be ready for the road on their return.

Compatible with back-office software and RFID technology, our range of commercial EV chargers can be used by staff, visitors, customers or the public. You’re in control.

If you’re looking for electric car charging solutions for a fleet of electric vehicles, staff cars or to simply offer a solution for visitors to your business premises or car park, contact Electropoint today.

We can provide further information and a free, no-obligation quote for commercial EV chargers in Dunfermline. Book an appointment for a site survey today.

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Commercial EV charging stations, perfect for a range of businesses

The Freedom To Drive

Electric Vehicles and Scotland’s LEZ

From 1st June 2024, Edinburgh will be introducing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in a bid to reduce pollution and harmful emissions in the city centre.

Vehicles that don’t meet the emissions regulations will be restricted from the city centre. This generally includes diesel engine vehicles registered before 2015 and petrol vehicles registered before 2006, though there are exceptions.

A similar enforcement of a LEZ in already active within Glasgow.

Electric vehicles comply with the requirements and therefore are exempt from any penalty. If you drive through or work in Edinburgh city centre or Glasgow, it may be worth considering switching to an electric vehicle. There are grants available for sole traders or those operating a micro-business within 20km of a Scottish LEZ to help fund a switch to electric.