EV Chargers in Perth

Commercial & Home EV Charger Installation in Perth

As the Government and society at large pushes towards a greener future for everyone, car owners are making the switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric alternatives. However, this comes with its own problems as more and more people need access to chargers to keep their vehicle powered for the journey ahead. This can cause major queues at public charging stations as the demand increases.

Electropoint are professional installers of commercial and home EV chargers in Perth, Scotland. We can fit pedestal or wall-mounted electric car chargers at your home or business so you can avoid the queues and charge your vehicle whenever you need to. You can even schedule your car’s battery to charge whilst you sleep!

Charging a car has never been easier with your very own EV charger.ready to use on demand.

If you’re interested in having an EV charging point installed in Perth at your property, contact our team today for a free site survey and no-obligation quote.

Electric Chargers To Suit All Manufacturers and Models of Car

We’re pleased to supply electric car chargers in Perth from the leading brands on the market today, all of which boast smart technology so you can control and monitor the usage via a mobile app, wherever you are.

It doesn’t matter what electric car you drive, whether it’s an Audi, Tesla, Honda, Vauxhall, BMW or Renault, our range of EV chargers are suitable for charging your car.

Choose a tethered charger if you’d prefer to simply plug in and charge your vehicle without any hassle, or use your vehicle’s own charging cable with an untethered charger – the choice is yours.

With Wifi connectivity, the chargers we install can keep updated with any updates to ensure you’re using the latest technology. Using your charger’s specific mobile app gives you the power to control and schedule the usage of your charger. For instance, you could set your electric car to charge through the night whilst you sleep to take advantage of cheaper off-peak energy tariffs. You can also use the mobile app to monitor usage, analyse historical usage data, and, in some cases, secure your charger from unauthorised use!

Find out more about our range of EV chargers in Perth by contacting our team at ElectroPoint. We’ll be happy to provide advice and recommendations to find the most suitable charger that meets your needs, and can travel to your home or business premises to conduct a free site survey.

A selection of the EV chargers we supply and install in Perth


Use Solar Energy To Power Your EV Charger

Did you know that you can harness the power of the sun to generate electricity to charge your electric vehicle? Now that’s what we call green technology!

Many of the EV chargers on the market today are solar compatible, which means they can be powered solely by solar energy or in combination with electricity from the National Grid if there’s not enough solar energy to completely power the charger, such as during the winter.

All you need is a solar photovoltaic panel installation at your property, with the option of a storage battery unit, to take advantage of the sun’s rays to power your car charger. Not only is this a great way to reduce the cost of your energy bills but there may be times when you can charge your vehicle for free!

As solar panel installers in Perth, in addition to EV charger installers, we can fit solar PV at your home or business so you can benefit from this renewable energy source to power your charger and your property. Speak to a member of our team to find out more about our service and for a free quote.

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Commercial EV Chargers in Perth

If you have an electric company car, a fleet of electric vehicles or simply have staff who own an electric car, it could be worth investing in an EV charger at your business premises.

Time spent finding and queuing at public chargers could be better spent doing work that could benefit your business, which is why many companies are opting to have an electric car charging point installed at their address. With a charger on site and on demand, owners, managers and staff can charge their electric vehicles whilst at work, so their motor’s battery is fully charged for the journey ahead. If you receive customers at your business as well, having an EV charger could make them more likely to use your services more often, depending on the nature of your business.

Our team of experienced installers can fit single or dual EV chargers outside your premises or in your car park for you and your staff to use. Many of the car chargers feature RFID technology, so you can ensure only authorised members of staff can use the charger, whilst the charger’s compatibility with back-office software allows you to manage the charging station, which is particularly handy if you operate several chargers.

Contact ElectroPoint today to find out more about our commercial EV charger installation in Perth and to book your free site survey with no-obligation quote..

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The Freedom To Drive

Electric Vehicles and Scotland’s LEZ

From 1st June 2023, Glasgow introduced a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in a bid to reduce pollution and harmful emissions in the city centre.
Vehicles that don’t meet the emissions regulations will be restricted from the city centre. This generally includes diesel engine vehicles registered before 2015 and petrol vehicles registered before 2006, though there are exceptions.

A LEZ has also been introduced in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen as of June 2024.

Electric vehicles comply with the requirements and therefore are exempt from any penalty. If you drive through or work in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee or Edinburgh city centre, it may be worth considering switching to an electric vehicle.

There are grants available for sole traders or those operating a micro-business within 20km of a Scottish LEZ to help fund a switch to electric.